Wednesday, July 30, 2014
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(NEW) Fermenter Cooling Box- $80/-

Dimension : (L63 W50 H38) cm

Our simplest weapon to combat heat, maintain constant brewing temperature for ale and even lagering. Simply place Brite Ice pack inside and cover tight.

Items include:
1. Grey foam box
2. Cover with cut-out hole to accommodate fermenter.
3. Standard cover for storing beer bottles
4. Digital Thermomter with long flexible probe.
5. Four Blue Ice Packs (Coleman Brite Ice) for temperature range of 21-24C..
Extra Blue Ice Pack (Coleman Brite Ice) @ $11 each.

After the last step of brewing, place fermenter in foam box. If your starting wort temperature is high (25 - 30C), try to crash cool by using all your chilled Coleman Brite Ice until the desired temperature is reached. Exchange Brite Ice with those from freezer every 24 hours. This method is good enough to maintain a constant temperature range of 18 - 24C. To achieve lower temperature, more Brite Ices are required.

21 - 24 C - require 4 Brite Ice.
18 - 21 C - require 6 Brite Ice.
15 - 17 C - require 8 Brite Ice.
13 C - This is Lagering Temperature, require at least 10 Brite Ice.

Other advantages - 1. beer bottles can be kept in the box for conditioning. 2. The open-top concept allows airlock and fermentation to be seen.

So far, this is the cheapest and most effective method in keeping an ideal fermenting temperature.

Note : Previously, we design the box to hold cooling water. But water leakage, weight and other water related problems made us decide to keep it simple.




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