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Draft Systems :

Multi Kegs Draft System - $ Ask for quotation

We have converted many chest freezer and fridges into self-contained draft system for home use. See pictures. If interested call 68733001.

See details

Kegerator - $850 (exclude keg system)

Cost of true brand kegerator is beyond the reach of most of us, aspiring homebrewers. iBrew has sucessfully converted a bar fridge into a beautiful self-containing draught dispensing system (kegerator) at less than half the price of the original. This unit can hold one 5 gallon pin-lock corny keg and a 5 lb CO2 cylinder. Consist of 1. Beer Tower, beer line & stainless steel drip tray (16" X 9").

C10 Dispenser - $990

No bigger than a computer tower. This is the best solution for any kegging system. Connect the beer line from keg directly to this unit and you get chilled beer coming out of the tap. Require basic keg system. Call us for more information.

Portable Draft Box - $550

100ft cooling coil. Other commercial draft boxes of 50ft coil will not be able to cool the beer in our climate. This the perfect draft system for any outdoor party. Require basic keg system.

Basic Keg System - $550

Consist of a 19Litres keg (pin-lock), Aluminium 5 lb CO2 tank, Dual gauge regulator, gas line, connectors, beer line and hand-held dispenser. Need a spare fridge to cool the entire system. Warning : once you move on the keg, you will not go back to bottles anymore.


Kegs & Parts :

19 Litres Keg (New) - $265

Price increased due to rise in steel cost. Coupled with short supply. Prices may go up further. Good investment.
Left - Pin Lock. Height : 22 inch, Diameter: 9 inch.
Right - Ball Lock. Heght : 25 inch. Diameter 8.5 inch

Used Ball-lock keg (recon) - $130

We have carefully selected these used keg with minimal wear and tear. They have been thoroughly cleaned (chemically washed), all gasket replaced and pressure tested. Although we can't offer any form of warranty on them but it is a cheaper alternative. Height : 25 inch, Diameter: 8.5 inch.

Pin-lock Quick Disconnector - $15.00
Ball-lock Quick Disconnector - $15.00

*Available for Gas-In and Liquid-out

Keg Gaskets Set (Complete, in picture) - $10
Gasket for Lid (Large) - $6 each
Gasket for connector body (Medium)- $1.50 each
Gasket for S/S tube (Small) - $1.50 each

To rebuild youor cornelius keg. For Ball-lock or Pin-lock.

Pressure Gauge - $49

Available for ball-lock or pin-lock keg. The only way to know whether your keg beer is properly carbonated. Allow keg to stand disconnected for at least 24 hrs before testing. Check against carbonation ruler for CO2 level. 2 to 2.5 times for Ale & 2.5 to 3 times for Lager.

Gas Cylinder, Regulators & Hardware :

   Catalina Aluminium CO2 tanks, with Sherwood Valve.

   5 lb (H46cm D14cm) - $200 - Refill @ $40
  10lb (H52cm D19cm) - $270 - Refill @ $50
  20 lb (H70cm D21cm) - $300 -Refill @ $60

**Refill takes about 1 to 2 weeks.

Nitrogen & Oxygen Cylinder - $170

5L gas cylinder. Filled with food-grade nitrogen or oxygen. Nitro for stout faucet dispensing. Oxygen for wort aeration.

Nitrogen Regulator - $135

Oxygen Regulator - $195

Single Gauge Regulator(60/100psi) - $135

Require Sherwood valves. Other types of regulators are also available upon reuqest. Eg. dual gauge, 60 to160 psi, multiple valves etc.

Dual Gauge Regulator - $210

Use 2 different pressure at the same time.

Gas Manifold - $22

Connects 2 or 3 gas lines at once.

Gas Hose ID 1/4" - $2.00 / foot

Flexible gas line. Requires Oetiker clamps.

Faucet, Beer line & Dispensing Towers:

Single Faucet dispensing Tower - $200

2 1/2" Column Tower - Chrome - Air Cooled. Best to mount on a converted chest freezer. Faucet & Handle not included.

Double Faucet Dispensing Tower - $285

3" Column Tower - Chrome - Air Cooled. Best to mount on a converted chest freezer. Faucet & Handle not included.

Chrome Faucet w/ handle - $40

Fit all regular beer towers. Wall-mount (eg fridge door) requires shank assembly.

BT50 Draft Tap - $135

Commercial Beer Tap, with compensator (flow control).

Stout Faucet - $210

Get that perfect pour. Need Nitrogen set up.

Beer Gun - $120

One of the best beer gun available. Comes with compensator (flow control). Hard Plastic casing. Easy maintainence. Dispense at any head pressure.

Plastic Hand-held Faucet - $12.00

See normal assembly.

QD Faucet Assembly - $65

Available for Pin-lock and Ball-lock assembly. Beer can only be dispensed at very low pressure. Great for outdoor.

Picture : 3 inch Shank

Shank Assembly Complete (as shown in picture
3 inch Shank - $45
4 inch Shank - $50
5 inch Shank - $57

Use 3" shank for up to one inch thick holel. 4" shank for 2 inch thick hole and 5" shank for 3 inch thick wall. L-shape tail piece is available upon request. Use 22mm hole saw.

Splicer 1/4"- 1/8" - $6.50

To regulator the flow of beer under high pressure. Especially, while using nitrogen cylinder. Connect 1/4" Tube on 1 end and 3mm or 4 mm tube to the other end. Use Oetiker Clamps.

Faucet Brush - $5.50

Scum will build up in your faucet after a few weeks, take it apart and give it a good scrub with this brush designed for faucet.

How to use

Faucet Wrench - $7.00

BT50 Draft Tap - $135

Commercial Beer Tap, with compensator (flow control).

Beer Line - $1.50 per foot
ID 1/4" or 6.35mm Vinyl hose
ID 6mm by Valpar Flexmaster
ID 5mm by Valpar Flexmaster
ID 4mm Beer line restrictor, require Splicer
ID 3mm Beer line restrictor, require Splicer

Fittings & Others :

Oetiker Clamps - $1.00 each
15.7 / 13.3 / 11.3 / 6.1 mm

Circular stepless clamps. Better that the regular screw clamps. Require Crimp Tool.

Crimp Tool - $35

For crimping oetiker clamps

BLC (Beer Line Cleaner) 130ml/4.5oz - $7.50

Clean coils, beer lines, faucets and fittings. Removes beer stones, yeast, protein build-up. 1 tsp/ 2 litres if warm water. Keep solution in line for 15 min while cleaning other kegging parts eg. faucet, fittings. Rinse with potable water.




Mechanical thermostat works when the bi-metal strip contracts and expands with the room temperature. The movement of this strip switches on and off the circuit. It is cheap, reliable and easy to operate.

White - Range (-30C to 30C) Top connectors. Suitable for fridges or freezers
Black - Range (0 to 40C). Back-facing connectors. Used in Chiller construction.

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