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Coopers Fermenter 30L w/ full accessories - $65

Includes - Spigot, Lid, Airlock, Grommet and Thermometer.
A good fermenter is very important. It is made from odourless food grade plastic and rubber gaskets. White surface cannot hide stains that can adversely effect your beer. Removable tap (spigot) allows thorough cleaning.Change fermenter after 2 years. More info in how to maintain your fermneter. Warning: Do not use other form of household bucket/container for this purpose.

Glass Carboy Fermenter (23L) w/bung & airlock - $86

Primary or secondary fermenter. 2 weeks of secondary fermention is important to an intermediate brewer for a few reasons. It enables dry hopping for added aroma. Beer clarify when yeast is allowed to settle over time. Most importantly, it is a conditioning process which is an integral part of making good beer. Recommended part - Carboy Handle

Better Bottle Plastic Fermenter w/ Bung & airlock - $68

Non-Ported - No drilled hole.
Better-Bottle fermentation carboys are made of a special PET that has negligible O2 permeability, is odorless, and does not stain or carry over flavors from one fermentation to the next. They are unbreakable, light weight, and easy to use, wash, and sanitize.


20 litres Glass Fermenter - $78
12 litres Glass Fermenter - $58
5 Litres Glass Fermenter - $38

*All come with Air-tight lid, air-lock and grommet.

2 weeks of secondary fermention is important to an intermediate brewer for a few reasons. Dry hopping to improve aroma. Yeast is allowed to settle over time for a clearer brighter beer. Most importantly, a conditioning process which is an integral part of making good beer.

Carboy Brush - $11.00

Get to the bottom and sides of that 6 Gallon glass carboy and Better Bottle. The bent head of the brush makes easy cleaning. Length 65 cm.

Carboy Handle - $11.50

For glass carboy only. These plastic-coated, all-metal handles bolt around the neck of your carboy, providing a comfortable handle for carrying. This helps reduce sloshing when full, and defintely saves you on back strain.

Fermtech Auto-Siphon - $26.00

6 ft fitting hose - $4.00

A 3/8 inch Racking Cane with built-in automatic siphon starter and anti-sediment tip. Starts a siphon quickly, easily, and cleanly in one stroke! Works with glass carboys, it can fit through the narrow mouth. Requires 5-6 feet of 3/8" siphon hose.

Keg Lube 3g - $2.00

A food grade waterproof grease with synthetic lubricants, ideal for lubricating rubber seals, O-rings or valves on any kegging and sea diving equipment. Specially our tricky fermenter lid's rubber O ring.

Airlock - $5.50
Airlock Grommet - $0.50
(for 1/2 inch hole)

Airlock fit into grommet or bung #2. Other usage - No bubbling doesn't mean no fermentation. Check your seal lid by pressing, if water in airlock slip back to even level there is a good chance of leakage.

Bung #6 (solid) - $0.80, (w/ hole) - $1.20
Bung #0, fit hole 13-17mm, (solid) - $1.00

Bung #2, fit hole 17-20mm, (solid) - $2.00
Bung #3, fit hole 19-23mm, (solid) - $3.00
Bung #4, fit hole 21-25mm, (solid) - $3.00
Bung #4.5, fit hole 23-26mm, (solid) - $3.00
Bung #5, fit hole 25-27mm, (solid) - $3.00
Bung #6, fit hole 26-31mm, (solid) - $3.00
Bung #6.5, fit hole 27-33mm, (solid) - $3.00, (w/hole) - $3.50
Bung #7, fit hole 30-35mm, (solid) - $4.00, (w/hole) - $4.50
Bung #7.5, fit hole 31-38mm (solid) - $4.00, (w/hole) - $4.50
Bung #8, fit hole 33-40mm, (solid) - $4.00, (w/hole) - $4.50
Bung #8.5, fit hole 36-42mm, (solid) - $4.00, (w/hole) - $4.50
Bung #9, fit hole 38-41mm, (solid) - $4.00, (w/hole) - $4.50
Bung #9.5, fit hole 38-45mm (solid) - $5.00, (w/hole) - $5.50
Bung #10, fit hole 43-50mm (solid) - $5.00, (w/hole) - $5.50
Bung #10.5, fit hole 45-52mm (solid) - $7.00, (w/hole) - $7.50
Bung #11, fit hole 47-54mm (solid) - $8.00, (w/hole) - $8.50

White Tap - $5.00

Part of Coopers Fermenter. Can be taken apart for thorough washing. Useful tool would be a wort Stirrer. Push from inside out.

Spigot - $7.50

Attached to bucket, drill a 1 inch diameter hole.

Hydrometer & Plastic Jar - $15

For measuring alcohol level and useful indicator of fermentation finish. Ever get that sweet after taste in your beer? High FG (1.012 and above) could suggest premature end to fermentation (when using brewing sugar). Prevent it by aerating your wort thoroughly.

Bottler - $6.00

It does not come with a spring. Makes topping up easy.

Long Spoon 50cm - $6.00


Adhesive Thermometer - $3.00


Wort Aerating Stirrer- $11.00

Tired of getting air into your wort with bare hands. Good aeration ensures successful fermentation. To get maximum air absorption just attach this stirrer in a regular hand drill. Length : 40cm. A handy tool for taking apart 'White Tap' for thorough cleaning.

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