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Brew Like A Monk

Postby avp » 20 Dec 2010, 21:05

Bought myself an early Christmas present - Brew Like a Monk, by Stan Heironymus. Heard and read many good things about the book, and can confirm that they are all true. It's like sitting down with a beer professor, in a dingy old pub and getting a one-on-one lecture on how the monks do what they do so well. Instead of secret recipes, you will find "ideas for recipes" scattered throughout the book. When you get to Chapter 11, (the last chapter) read slowly and with reverence (esp pages 221 to 223). The author has saved the best for last, and debunks a few ideas that I have held 'sacred' for quite a while e.g. use of sugar, brewing temperatures, fermenting with two yeasts, etc. I have read the chapter at least three times.
I don't get any royalties from the sale of the book, but you should drop enough hints to make sure you get a copy of "Brew Like a Monk" this Christmas.

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