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Postby htkm » 03 Aug 2005, 13:11

Been reading about it lately. I noticed one thing was, most of them(Web Sites, books, etc) recommand to use/get better yeast then the one that came with the kit. Also you can find sub topics like...Re-hydration, Stater, Culturing, Pitching, Different type - different flavors/clearing/, Why is liquid yeast better then dry yeast, etc. Ok so scientifically using better yeast is....... :roll: better.

But what I can't find is, In terms of flavor/taste/character what's the diff. from a dry packet of yeast that came with the kit and a yeast like for example: Safale, Muntons, liquid yeast? Or even yeast cultured from commercial beers.

I assume min. would be to re-hydrating the yeast right? Has anyone tried liquid yeast? Compare to dry ones how is it better? Fermenting? Taste? Better results in FG?
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Postby Raymond » 04 Aug 2005, 12:06

Yeast has great effect on the result of beer. And Liquid yeast has always been the preferred choice. They come in more varieties and higher alcohol tolerance. Like all things in life, good stuff doesn't always come easy :D Short shelf life. A starter is normally required. Staying alive by the time it gets to Singapore. More expensive though, but you can save cost by re-pitching.
No matter, liquid yeast will lead you to the promise land.
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Postby Hunty » 06 Aug 2005, 14:35


It occurred to me we bashed this one aout a while ago, have a read of this:

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Postby layangman » 31 Aug 2005, 08:47

This morning, drew out about 400ml of wort from the fermenter, bottled and kept in fridge. Hope can "revive" this as starter yeast for my next batch. Last batch of Asian Delight benefited plenty from the starter yeast I made, when into bubbling very vigorously and very quickly too. Thanks Roger for the tip.
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Re: Yeast

Postby spud » 27 Aug 2009, 05:58

Just to let U know,,, dont forget that a starter can retrieve what is a throw away yeast.
This last week I have reborn 2 yeasts that have to be dated somewhere 2006.
So dont dispair if U have an old pack around the place, lots of TLC and that maybe one remaining cell will grow into a 23 lt batch..
cheers spud
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