Boil pot

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Boil pot

Postby Don » 20 Oct 2010, 15:27

Got myself in a fix here.
I want to collect 30L wort after a full 1hour boil. Thing is, I only have a 24L pot and a
15L pot. I don't want to get another huge pot.
Target is to have 36L(or so) after meshing. My initial idea is to boil the 2 pots over 2 fires.
Oh and one more thing, I only have one wort chiller.
Anyone with bright ideas?
Please also address the issue of the 4 Oz of hops that I need to add in during boil.
Can I just throw them in the 24L pot and mix the two wort into the fermenter after cooling?
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Re: Boil pot

Postby craigev » 21 Oct 2010, 17:14

Dont see why not if you have two burners to boil the two kettles at the same time.

Hops, yeah, your gonna have to calc the appropriate amounts accrording to the ratio of wort.

Your probably going to end up with two 'similarish' beers that you blend together in the fermenter.

However, I think you will only ever brew once like this ! then you will buy a bigger kettle !

What kind of mash tun you got ? if its heatable then is it big enough to boil in ?

Ultimately, once again, just buy a kettle - a stock pot only cost a hundred bucks or so at temple street. get a 10 gallon one would be my suggestions after trying lots of different sizes. I currently use a 15 gallon one I bought with the mind to do occasional 10gall batches - but I never do ! its too big really and I get a lot of evaporation.
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