Rocks in Grain

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Rocks in Grain

Postby Hunty » 23 Jan 2009, 07:57

Was reading my second favourite forum, and came across this. ... opic=28791

Was quite shocked that some malt contains rocks.... finding their way through from the harvesting and malting process, amazing. Must really be no good for mills, but I have not come acrosss any at least that I have noticed... :twisted:

Anybody ever found rocks in their grain ?
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Re: Rocks in Grain

Postby Hairy » 04 Feb 2009, 00:46

For the few disastrous times that I worked with grain ( I sweared not to use them again in the near future) they dun seem to contain any rocks stones pebbles and /or their cousins.

If we think abt how the process of harvesting, malting on a large scale, it is not difficult to imagine that at some point, something might go wrong. While I may not have worked with malted barley as much as I have liked, I think that the fact that sometimes we can find small pieces of stone in rice means that the same thing can probably happen to other grains.
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