Little Creatures in SG!

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Re: Little Creatures in SG!

Postby sfowler » 30 Mar 2008, 00:39

Little Creatures now at Monster Mash in Holland Village - pale ale, bright ale, lager, and cider. Goes well with the Lucifer sausage (spicy) and mash.
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Re: Little Creatures in SG!

Postby Fin » 09 Aug 2008, 16:25

Bar Bar Black Sheep is really a nice place to chill-out and have some nice affordable beers!
Been there a few times but always had problem finding a parking or a table, so we drop by
again last wed evening .

The Beef Burger was nice and juicy, :P :P :P and the luigini was quite italian :wink: . Had a Little
Creature Pale Ale and Stella( from tap). Really enjoyed the Little Creature Pale Ale - nice hoppy
aroma and clean. :D

Definitely worth a few more visits, provided if can find seats/ parking spaces. :|
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Re: Little Creatures in SG!

Postby suebrew » 03 Feb 2009, 11:10

hey everyone, just thought you might like to know that you can get little creatures by the case off . The site also has a list of locations where you can find the little creatures range.
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Re: Little Creatures in SG!

Postby southernoise » 06 Feb 2009, 10:33

Got a case of LCPA + 6 stubbies of Rogers. Good beer, good people.

This will tide me over till my next brew is ripe for drinking. :lol:
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