malt taste mellowing with age

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malt taste mellowing with age

Postby craigev » 13 Nov 2007, 20:52

Just experience something new..

I added a lot of munich to an extract brew the other day and ended up with a very very strong caramel taste when i tapped the keg for first time. bit overpowering in fact.

I thought id never get through the beer and could only manage a pint every now and then until suddenly the caramel maltyness decreased and now its great.

guess im just saying that its amazing how a beer changes with age. also, i wont be putting 250g of munich in my lagers unless im going to keep it for a few months !

think i will cut down to 100g. how much do you guys normally add to your lagers ? do you get/like the caramelness ? would vienna malt be less caramelly ? whats the diff in your opition ?
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Re: malt taste mellowing with age

Postby solidghost » 23 Jan 2008, 12:38

Hmmm....i was wondering whether the caramel taste is because of malt being burnt during the boiling process?
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Re: malt taste mellowing with age

Postby Roger » 23 Jan 2008, 13:41

I experienced the same thing a few time too. My last stout did not taset good even after 2-3 mths. I somewhat ignore it and after 6mths at chilled temp, it tasted great.
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