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Small Co2

Postby Edgard » 12 Aug 2010, 11:46

Anybody knows if you can get smaller Co2 bottles than the ones we can get from iBrew.

My fridge is a bit cramped with 2 kegs in there + the Co2 bottle.
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Re: Small Co2

Postby craigev » 12 Aug 2010, 17:39

Youd be better off either getting a bigger fridge or putting the co2 outside the fridge. I would think the cost of co2, whilst not being expensive, would add up in the long run if you use small bottles. and you would be forever having to go ( equals time and more money) to get them refilled.

If your using an old fridge now, replacing with a new efficient one would pay for itself over a few years anyway. even if its a bit bigger.
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