Cherry Wheat

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Cherry Wheat

Postby Guitar9 » 17 Oct 2009, 14:56

Hi guys,
I got this recipe: Ingredients:
•3.3lbs wheat liquid extract (i used M & F)
•3 lbs light dme (i used wheat)
•1 oz. 5% cascade hops
•3 cans good quality cherry juice concentrate

3 gal. boil volume.

Very rapid fermentation for 4 days, slowed _finally_ and racked to secondary after 8 days, left it 6 more days in carboy, great clarity! once in secondary i added 2tbs. pure vanilla extract for flavor and mostly aroma, and i tbs. cherry essence for aroma (taste was grrrreat, didn't need any more flavor, wanted better aroma).

At bottling added 8oz malto-dextrin for better head and mouth feel - was of course very dry...and priming sugar.

I'll just convert the Gallons and pound to liters and KG.
Do you guys know where to buy cherry juice CONCENTRATE? i cant seem to find it. and the yeast for this which one should i use? Please advice on what should be done! thanks!
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Re: Cherry Wheat

Postby spud » 18 Oct 2009, 09:33

Hi Guitar9
Have not tried the Fruits as yet but intend to.
Have no idea as to purchase of Concentrate but guessing if it was me I'd be heading for any of the bigger Supermarkets, Last would be the speciality ones where the stocks are predominately USA.
As for the yeast to use.

Wyeast have some info which might help.
Try them out they do recommend some as below.
For me I'd head straight 3068 and make a huge starter, say 3-4 lt.
The second wiould be 1056, this yeast is so clean and doesnt seem to thru up much of itself in delicate Beers.

1056 - American Ale™
1187 - Ringwood Ale™
1272 - American Ale II™
1968 - London ESB Ale™
3068 - Weihenstephan Weizen™
1332 - Northwest Ale™
2565 - Kölsch™

cheers spud
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Re: Cherry Wheat

Postby Guitar9 » 25 Oct 2009, 22:21

Hi Spud,
Thanks for replies, BTW how is a hopping done? and for this particular recipe. will the hops kill the cherry taste or vice-versa? Am about to try this recipe for X'mas! hope it turns out good! Tried a Cherry brew in New Zealand Before, tasted great, but i'm afraid that mine might turn out like cough mixture! LOL!!!
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