Chinese Herbs?

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Chinese Herbs?

Postby Hairy » 16 Nov 2008, 13:09

Technically, hops can be considered a herb of some sort.

Is anyone game to give their beers a dose of chinese herbs? Luo Han Guo, Chrysanthemum (or any other flowers), etc etc.
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Re: Chinese Herbs?

Postby Roger » 17 Nov 2008, 01:43

Yes. I have tried a "special type" of Chinese tea. And the brewmaster from Archipelago (Fal Allen) likes it.
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Re: Chinese Herbs?

Postby southernoise » 17 Nov 2008, 09:33

I've tried Fenugreek on an IPA once. Dump the whole thing down the toilet bowl. After that, I decided to stick to getting traditional styles right before trying anything else.

It takes a bit of experiementation to get the right amount cos for a good tasting beer or food for that matter, it is all about balance.
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