Carbonated Soda Water Bottles

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Carbonated Soda Water Bottles

Postby craigev » 31 Oct 2009, 17:36

Just occured to me that glass soda water bottles may be the best and easiest way to bottle beer if you have gas and kegs and only want to bottle a few bottles to store or enter comps.

They are green and so provide a bit of UV filtering. Better than clear anyway
They are glass so will last forever (unless dropped!)
They are glass so no worries about storing for long time and getting oxygen penetration.
They are screw topped so no need capping.

Best of all, cos they are screw capped. I can use the carbonator cap to either carb from scratch and get the right carbonation. You can also just fill up a bottle straight from the keg and add abit more carb since youv lost a bit with the pour.

You can also use the carb cap to purge the bottle of oxygen. Pour straight from tap. Put carb cap on again. Purge again. Then Shake a bit to add some CO2. screw on a PET bottle cap and your done !

They are reasonably cheap for 3 bucks i think for pelegrino 750ml. and 750ml is just nice if you wanna just share with a mate.

Shame i cant stand the taste of soda water otherwise would be even better ! I have a friend who does drink a lot of bottled pelegrino, so will ask him to keep for me. then its free !
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